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Q. Can I buy T-Shirts and/or gift certificates and have them mailed to me?

A: Not Currently. We hope to have our online store back up soon. Visit our online store here.

Q: How do the Snowstorm Club Cards work?

A: You receive a card and get a stamp on it for each snowstorm you buy. After you get 9 stamps, the 10th snowstorm is free! Find out more here.

Q: What flavors do you have?

A: We have Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, and Strawberry every day. We also have a flavor of the week that changes each week.

Q: Why aren't you open all year?

A: We have tried staying open later in the winter before and there were not enough customers to warrant staying open. Believe it or not, when its cold and snowing outside, going to get ice cream is not usually the first thing that comes to mind.

Q: Why don't you have hot fudge?

A: Hot fudge would make the Ice Cream melt faster. Cold fudge doesn't.

Q: Do you ship your products?

A: We currently do not offer shipping. This is due to the temperature requirements needed to keep our product from melting, and shipping couriers regulating the use of dry ice.

Q: Do you take credit/ debit cards?

A: Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. There is a $10 minimum for all transactions made using a credit card. Debit has no minimum.

Q: Will you donate to my organization?

A: Maybe. All donation requests must be submitted in writing. Allow at least 14 days for the request to be processed. Please mail them to:

Jarling's Inc.

PO Box 3854

Champaign, IL 61826-3854

Q: Do you have sugar free ice cream?

A: No, we use a private recipe for our product, and to make a sugar-free version it would have to be completely reformulated. There are also minimum batch requirements and we would not be able to sell the product fast enough to keep it fresh.

Q: Do you have frozen yogurt?

A: No, however, our product is 93% fat free!

Q: Do you sell burgers, pizza, coffee, sandwiches, fried chicken, etc.?

A: No, we sell our own private recipe product and that is all.

Q: Is your ice cream gluten free?

A: Yes, the ice cream by itself is. Many of the toppings and snowstorm mix ins are not though, so make sure and check if you have any concerns.

Q: Is your ice cream Kosher?

A: Yes

Q: How should I store the product I bought?

A: Any of our products containing ice cream needs to be kept frozen, as with any other ice cream. This includes our cakes, pies, frozen sandwiches, and nutty bars. Toppings like fudge may be kept refrigerated if you plan on using them soon, otherwise freeze them to keep them fresh longer. When storing ice cream for long periods of time, it is best done in a freezer that does not have an automatic defrost cycle. The repeated thawing and refreezing that occurs with automatic defrosting will cause the product to deteriorate and become gritty in texture.

Q: How should I transport your products?

A: If you are transporting it a short distance, simply having it in a paper bag, or better double bagged, should be enough. We also sell insulated bags to transport your items in. They are available for $3.95 each, or for only $1 with a purchase of at least $20. Also, if you buy 3 gallons or more we will give you one for free with your order! If you have a cooler to transport it in that is best though. DO NOT USE ICE TO KEEP THE PRODUCT COLD. Our quarts are stored below zero degrees Fahrenheit and ice will actually make them melt faster, since it is not as cold as they are to begin with. For transporting long distances, use dry ice to keep the cooler below freezing. It is important to remember that dry ice evaporates at a rate of 5-8 lbs per 24 hours, so plan accordingly.

Q: Do you sell dry ice?

A: No. We do not use dry ice for anything at the store, so we do not have the equipment to produce it, or a provider for it.